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We deal in a manner that is legal, decent, honest, truthful and fair. Our website and service have been reviewed and monitored. We have had our business, VAT and data protection registration checked. Our delivery service will adhere to our best and you can shop with us with confidence and knowledge that we deliver your order to a set of established standards and practices.

Over a decade later, we are still doing business and we are proud to bring these excellent bags and satchels to customers who value the unique character of hand crafted, highly functional creations by yourself i.e. we & us together. Our goal is a bag you can be proud to carry on all your journeys. The perfect accessory for the road you walk.

All our leather products are handmade and your new leather bag may be subject to a natural variation in size and color. The “Hunter” or “Oil Pull Up” goat’s leather hides used for our bags have been processed and tanned to give the finished leather an antique / vintage look and feel. This means each hide may be slightly different from the next. This together with the hand finishing means that no two leather bags look exactly the same.

We sell classically styled, traditionally handmade, and authentic old and vintage bags, furnishings and fashion accessories to the world, and we have developed a reputation for specializing in vintage leather satchels and messenger bags, men’s and women’s leather bags and leather travel and weekend bags.
•   None of our products are mass-produced or manufactured to look ethnic.
•   Our materials and products are all fairly sourced, directly from unique and traditional craft based families and communities.

We had fun buying them, so should you!
 Our Products:
 - Vintage Leather Bags  - Goat Leather Bags
 - Leather Handbags  - Large Duffle Bag
 - Ladies Leather Bags  - Real Leather bags
 - Hand Made Paper Bags
 - Leather Bag for man
 - Leather Bags and second hand belts
 - Vintage tooled leather bag
 - Leather bag straps
 - Classic style real leather bags
 - Genuine leather bags for ladies
 - Leather fashionable Ladies bags
 - fashion bags for men
 - Schoolbags and travelling bags
 - Messenger bags
 - Name Brand Handbags
 - Leather Messenger Bags
 - India Vintage Leather Bag
 - Handbags, laptop bags
 - Vintage leather satchel
 - Vintage leather briefcases
 - Vintage Hand Made Leather Bag
 - Vintage Leather Camera Bag
 - Goat Skin Bag-Goat Skin Bag
 - Fair Trade Bags
 - Leather Business Briefcase Bag
 - Leather Travel Duffel Bag,Business  - Handcrafted Camel Messenger bag
 - Camel Leather Messenger Bag
 - Notebook Carrier Bag

Vintage crafts is the inspiration born through our admiration for unique, custom made accessories for men and women across the globe. Items that have their one of a kind look, appearance just like the one who owns them. Items that could become just a part of the normal routine like they were never added. We present our retro style, vintage leather satchels, bags and backpacks. An essential accessory for the modern man, available in different designs and sizes our stacles are what you need to give yourself a stand out from the crowd look . our overland travel bags are what you want as a convenient yet fashionable travel option. Also the various options available In our product range along with the custom made option is exactly what you need to give life to your idea of a perfect accessory.
Why our Bag:
Our bags are entirely handmade. Each bag is individually crafted using urban desert goat leather, lightweight and strong, this bag will only become softer, more flexible and look better with age. It is double stitched on the trim to ensure durability, strength and the ability to withstand the test of time. More, we naturally oil each bag so that and all anomalies are part of its unique handmade design. Extremely versatile this satchel bag is designed for practically everything, whether for uni/school, Office, travel, as a laptop bag or for everyday use. The leather used for these bags is not chemically treated and so retains a lovely, distinctive earthy/leather smell that fades over time, Once goat leather is wax protected, it is water-resistant, doesn`t crack or get hard when wet. It is comfortable, soft, durable and strong. Oil primed once to accentuate all anomalies including natural scarring, burns, tick bites and all other leather features making each bag unique in design. Please check the dimensions to ensure you have the bag that suits your needs. Please note that although we aim to provide an accurate representation of color in our photographs, due to the nature of our items, the color may vary.
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